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I have a slovar and I have asked people I know but I get all kind of answers. How to say in Russian: "I have a blog".

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"I am in prison for crimes against the state" usually works. – General Abrial Jan 26 at 19:36
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У меня есть блог appears to be the most exact translation. Я веду блог is also an option. The latter variant is even closer to English I have... clause and it sounds natural to Russian, unlike literal translation Я имею блог. Please do not use я имею... in this case.

If your intend to introduce yourself as a blogger in an oral conversation, then just я - блоггер (I'm a blogger) will be OK.

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Я веду... is only grammatically closer to I have... than У меня есть..., but semantically it's certainly the other way round. – Andriy M Jan 26 at 10:43
What is a good way to say that you have many followers. Would followers in this case be synonym with: "последователи"? – Ева Jan 26 at 13:07
@Ева: "Follower" in this sense is more like "подписчик" in Russian. To avoid confusion with the "subscriber" variation of the meaning, however, it seems that Russian language has adopted a transliteration: фолловер. (A Wiktionary entry may not necessarily be an indication of actual adoption of a word, but you will certainly get quite a number of hits if you try googling it.) – Andriy M Jan 26 at 13:30
@Andriy M: Many thanks for the clarification. – Ева Jan 26 at 14:06
@Sergey Would it not be enough to just say У меня блог because I learned that есть always implies that you carry the actual thing with you. For example your mobile phone or a pen would be with есть because you have it with you and vice versa. – SilvingsQuantu Jan 28 at 11:55

To answer by Sergey I'd also add that you'd rather use Я веду блог if you want to imply that you're an active blogger, because У меня есть блог may also mean that you have a blog, but you are not posting actively or even abandoned it.

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