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Top new questions this week:

Почему Йорк а не Ёрк?

Если пишется "ёж" и "ёлка", то почему "Йорк", а не "Ёрк"? И наоборот.

asked by йощь 5 votes
answered by Quassnoi 11 votes

Is the sentence about Dubrovsky and the bear grammatically correct?

Когда Дубровский убил медведя, Троекуров не обиделся, а только приказал снять с него шкуру. This is a quote from a student's work. Is this a grammatically correct Russian sentence? (Personally I ...

фраза местоимения  
asked by Alexander 1 vote
answered by shabunc 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why is Tolkien’s “pipe-weed” translated as “трубочное зелье”?

In his translation of The Lord of the Rings Vladimir Muravyov (В. Муравьёв) translates Tolkien’s expression “pipe-weed” as “трубочное зелье”. While “трубочное” evidently means “related to a pipe” and ...

asked by PJTraill 13 votes
answered by Quassnoi 25 votes

How to say "work out" in Russian

I want to say: "Let's work out together." There is a girl I see sometimes in the outdoor gym in the park I work out usually. I helped her to adjust some of the equipment and now when she sees me she ...

asked by user14500 12 votes
answered by Kosh 15 votes

Is there any sexual implication in девушка хоть куда?

Has she only her feet loose? Or is she only good all around?

asked by BrainsFeeder 2 votes
answered by user31264 11 votes

"С волками жить - по-волчьи выть" - каков изначальный смысл пословицы?

Каков изначальный смысл пословицы "С волками жить - по-волчьи выть"? Я смотрю на разные источники в Интернете и замечаю, что они предлагают разные толкования заложенного в эту пословицу смысла. Есть ...

значения пословицы  
asked by AnT 14 votes
answered by shabunc 10 votes

Склоняется ли "сколько"?

Как правильно сказать: На скольких человек заказывать пиццу или На сколько человек заказывать пиццу

склонение числительные  
asked by Olga 14 votes
answered by Yellow Sky 6 votes

"На английском" or "по-английски"?

I was wondering if there's any difference between на английском and по-английски (for example when asking how to say something in English).

asked by Sora. 12 votes
answered by Nikolay Ershov 22 votes

Why do Russians call their women expensive ("дорогая")?

My question is in the title of this post, and I do not know what else to say. I am just puzzled. Okay, to avoid my post being put on hold for being too succinct, I will add a couple of naive thoughts ...

значения выбор-слова этимология  
asked by Mitsuko 27 votes
answered by Frank from Frankfurt 53 votes
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