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Top new questions this week:

Moving a preposition to after the object

Curious as to what the Russians think about Japanese cars, I did some research and saw an article with the following title: Не престижа ради, а токмо драйва для I knew that ради is an ...

usage предлоги стилистика  
asked by Mitsuko 5 votes
answered by Sergey Slepov 12 votes

The usage of "по" in distributive expression

In a text, used for educational purposes, were the following sentence: Каждый ученик получил по красному карандашу. Based on the context, I could translate this into "Each student received a red ...

грамматика выбор-слова предлоги  
asked by M.P 2 votes
answered by Curiosity 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why года instead of лет?

My Russian textbook gives the example, «Я родилась в июне сорок восьмого года.» Shouldn't genitive год following eighth be лет instead of года? Is this a mistake in my textbook? If not, could you ...

asked by Dale 7 votes
answered by Aksakal 6 votes

Russian equivalents of "no love lost"

You say, for instance: A mere month ago, it seemed they couldn't get enough of each other. My, how things have changed after one big falling-out. Now there is no/little love lost between them. ...

выражения english  
asked by Con-gras-tue-les-chiens 14 votes
answered by Quassnoi 13 votes

Difference between "где" and "куда"?

I believe, где is where? and куда is like, to where? or something like that I am not sure D:

перевод значения  
asked by russsss 2 votes
answered by zerg 3 votes

Правильное сокращение «байт» и «бит»

Как правильно сокращать слово «байт»? В английском языке, обычно принято использовать заглавную букву «Б» для «байт», и строчную букву «б» для «бит». По-русски будет по-другому? Например, почему ...

существительные информатика  
asked by cnst 3 votes
answered by Artemix 6 votes

"Илья" во множественном числе и в родительном падеже

Какая у слова "Илья" правильная форма множественного числа родительного падежа? Множественное число от имен собственных вообще редко встречается, но все же возможно, например, в предложении "У меня ...

множественное-число родительный-падеж ономастика  
asked by Olga 15 votes
answered by Dmitry Alexandrov 7 votes

Do adult Russians normally hand-write Cyrillic as cursive or as block letters?

In The Netherlands, we learn to write Latin characters in cursive in school, but most adults write block letters in practice. My experience is that in other countries using the Latin alphabet, most ...

алфавит typography  
asked by Херрит 30 votes
answered by shabunc 35 votes

Difference in pronunciation between "щ" and "шь"?

I understand that the difference between "щ" and "ш" is (roughly) the difference between "shya-" and "sha-". But how do you differentiate "щ" and "шь"? For example, I always differentiated, for ...

asked by chubbycantorset 16 votes
answered by Yellow Sky 18 votes
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