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Top new questions this week:

Can we know that хоро́ший and высо́кий declines differently based on their ending consonant?

I read the Russian Declension Wikipedia article, which gives several examples for different adjective declensions. The article explains that masculine adjectives ending in the nominative in ий and ...

asked by HeyJude 4 votes
answered by shabunc 2 votes

What is the Russian word that sounds like "bleen"

What is the Russian word that sounds like "bleen" that is a mild swear word. Ben Rich (Bald and Bankrupt) suggest it translates to "bloody hell". It is said 6:48 in this video (caution has a man ...

одним-словом мат  
asked by Paul 4 votes
answered by Quassnoi 10 votes

What are good words to use for "probably"?

I understand that there are a variety of ways to say "probably," which depend on the context (my attempt at translation in parentheses): вероятно (a bit literary, more in reference to likelihood) ...

asked by interpolack 2 votes
answered by MITOLL 2 votes

What is the meaning of "ищущим людям" in this text?

The context is the following paragraph (from Этот разговор мы начали в Принстоне, прогуливаясь по тамошней жизни и красивому закату. Показалось, что ...

значения выражения  
asked by abril 1 vote
answered by Quassnoi 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why do Russians call a joke a stake (прикол)?

In modern Russian, прикол is a very frequently used word and means a joke, a funny incident, or just anything funny, but the original meaning of this word is very different: a stake to which a ship, a ...

usage значения этимология история-языка slang  
asked by Mitsuko 21 votes
answered by Yellow Sky 21 votes

What are synonyms for "срач"?

I need to translate the word "срач" to a different language. I am having a hard time trying to say it in different words in order to accurately explain the exact shade of the meaning. Could you please ...

лексикон синонимы  
asked by Trident D'Gao 10 votes
answered by Dima 8 votes

Do adult Russians normally hand-write Cyrillic as cursive or as block letters?

In The Netherlands, we learn to write Latin characters in cursive in school, but most adults write block letters in practice. My experience is that in other countries using the Latin alphabet, most ...

алфавит typography  
asked by Херрит 30 votes
answered by shabunc 36 votes

What is the grammatical meaning of ")"?

thanks in advance for your answers! I have come across ")" in many Russian written conversations, for example: <<Вид из окна на кухне)>> or <<Посмотри лучше это)>> I have even seen "))" ...

asked by Christina Leuci 6 votes
answered by Dmitry 10 votes

Good for you! in Russian

Somebody say: I took the full test score And I answer: Good for you! which one is correct in Russian: "хорошо для тебя" or "повезло тебе" And also we use "тебе на пользу" in another situation like: ...

usage выражения  
asked by WorldLover 11 votes
answered by Баян Купи-ка 21 votes

Resources for learning Russian

Using the same structure in the Chinese Resources question, this is a specifically created Community Wiki which gathers resources for learning Russian and it has been approved by the Community itself. ...

asked by Alenanno 68 votes
answered by Alenanno 21 votes

Why do Russians sometimes spell "жирный" (fatty) as "жырный"?

I noticed that Russians sometimes incorrectly spell жирный as жырный, even despite that the rule "spell жи and ши with и" is one of the most basic Russian orthography rules. I also see that Google ...

произношение орфография  
asked by Mitsuko 12 votes
answered by enkryptor 18 votes
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