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Top new questions this week:

What is the difference between "боля" and "болея"?

Both "боля" and "болея" are listed in wiktionary as present adverbial imperfective participle of "болеть". Is there any reason you would use one of these instead of the ...

грамматика деепричастия  
user avatar asked by David Chopin Score of 6
user avatar answered by Quassnoi Score of 17

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

If a Russian girl calls herself a thawing pike (тающая щука), what could it mean?

I recently had a video call with a Russian girl, and in the middle of the conversation she called herself тающая щука. That made no sense in the context, so I used a mirror to try to understand what ...

словоупотребление значения выражения идиомы  
user avatar asked by Mitsuko Score of 31
user avatar answered by Quassnoi Score of 37

Для чего нужны "слова-паразиты" - "ну", "ведь", "же", "вот"?

В русском языке есть много так называемых "слов-паразитов", которые можно убрать из текста, причем сам текст от этого не пострадает. Более того - текст (или устная речь) станет грамотнее, "чище". ...

лексикон выражения слова-паразиты  
user avatar asked by Artemix Score of 6
user avatar answered by Artemix Score of 8

Difference in pronunciation between "щ" and "шь"?

I understand that the difference between "щ" and "ш" is (roughly) the difference between "shya-" and "sha-". But how do you differentiate "щ" and "шь"? For example, I always differentiated, for ...

user avatar asked by chubbycantorset Score of 18
user avatar answered by Yellow Sky Score of 19

"С волками жить - по-волчьи выть" - каков изначальный смысл пословицы?

Каков изначальный смысл пословицы "С волками жить - по-волчьи выть"? Я смотрю на разные источники в Интернете и замечаю, что они предлагают разные толкования заложенного в эту пословицу смысла. Есть ...

значения пословицы  
user avatar asked by AnT stands with Russia Score of 14
user avatar answered by shabunc Score of 10

How to say 'LOL' in russian?

How do I say 'LOL' in russian?

user avatar asked by madone Score of 9
user avatar answered by Schullz Score of 15

What are these Russian characters that aren't in the alphabet in my learning material?

I have this comic book in Russian that uses characters I don't know from my Russian learning materials. Please see my image. There are: small m и with line on top g mirrored s Which 'standard' ...

буквы алфавит typography  
user avatar asked by walter Score of 27
user avatar answered by Баян Купи-ка Score of 42

Difference between "нет" and "не"

What is the difference between «нет» and «не»? They both seem to mean "no". When should each one be used? Are they interchangeable?

словоупотребление грамматика  
user avatar asked by ctype.h Score of 8
user avatar answered by Sergey Kalinichenko Score of 10
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