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Top new questions this week:

Aspect and tense for the verb Войти/Bxодить

In a charming old book "Russian Through Pictures" designed by Harvard University we have a picture of a mother and daughter preparing to enter a shop, and the text underneath says Они ...

глаголы-движения verb-aspects  
asked by Georges Elencwajg Score of 3
answered by Yaroslav Fyodorov Score of 2

Translating constructions of the form "a lot to..." and "little to..."

I was wondering how to translate constructions of the form "a lot to ..." or "little to ..." in Russian. For example "I have little to say", "I have a lot to do"...

asked by Uberfatty Score of 1
answered by Quassnoi Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

"чё?" or "чо?" - which is the correct spelling?

Suppose I want to write a book, where one of the characters is a simpleton without a proper education. This character needs to say "чё?" ("чо?") instead of "что?", e.g.: — Твоя сестра умеет ...

asked by Olga Score of 5
answered by Olga Score of 1

Difference in pronunciation between "щ" and "шь"?

I understand that the difference between "щ" and "ш" is (roughly) the difference between "shya-" and "sha-". But how do you differentiate "щ" and "шь"? For example, I always differentiated, for ...

asked by chubbycantorset Score of 18
answered by Yellow Sky Score of 18

Как называется боль в мышцах после тренировки?

Известно, что после тренировки, особенно после длительной паузы, мышцы несколько дней болят. Как называется это явление? Ребята, я с вами не выйду гулять. У меня ??? после тренировки.

asked by Armen Tsirunyan Score of 10
answered by shabunc Score of 12

Why is the Turkish president's surname spelt in Russian as Эрдоган, with г?

I recently got puzzled as to why the Russian journalists spell the surname of the current Turkish president as Эрдоган, with г. We spell his surname as エルドアン, which does not include any sound similar ...

перевод правописание выбор-имени орфография  
asked by Mitsuko Score of 13
answered by Quassnoi Score of 43

"На английском" or "по-английски"?

I was wondering if there's any difference between на английском and по-английски (for example when asking how to say something in English).

asked by Sora. Score of 12
answered by Nikolay Ershov Score of 24

How frequently do Russian people still refer to others by their patronymic (отчество)?

I'm American, and so almost all of the Russian people I know are ex-Soviets, most of whom are very traditional and many of whom have impeccable manners. As such, I think that I may have an overblown ...

выбор-имени formality  
asked by Fred E Score of 24
answered by shabunc Score of 17

Правда ли что слово "блядь" происходит от польского "błąd"?

В недавнем вопросе о правильности написания слова "блядь" в комментариях разгорелась дискуссия по поводу этимологии этого слова. Были высказаны две версии заимствования. Например, что само это слово ...

этимология мат  
asked by Artemix Score of 7
answered by Nikolay Ershov Score of 18
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