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Top new questions this week:

Chess drama - What does 1st line ('первой линии') mean please?

See tweet of world chess champion challenge Russian supergrandmaster Ian Nepomniachtchi re Carlsen–Niemann controversy: which links to this ...

выражения sports chess  
user avatar asked by BCLC Score of 1
user avatar answered by Pavel Mayorov Score of 3

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Racist language in Russia/USA

I really hope this question doesn't get deleted or flagged, so to make sure it doesn't I will try to keep it as academic as possible. I am currently an American student studying in Saint Petersburg ...

user avatar asked by Rocket Man Score of 22
user avatar answered by Aleks G Score of 43

Difference between "где" and "куда"?

I believe, где is where? and куда is like, to where? or something like that I am not sure D:

перевод значения  
user avatar asked by russsss Score of 4
user avatar answered by zerg Score of 8

Is the Ukrainian language understandable for the average Russian native speaker?

The Ukrainian language is very similar to the Russian, but is it understandable for the average Russian native speaker, let's say, in Moscow? Ukrainians understand Russian, but this is mostly because ...

russian-usage slavic  
user avatar asked by Danubian Sailor Score of 25
user avatar answered by Anvar Score of 16

Why do Russians call their women expensive ("дорогая")?

My question is in the title of this post, and I do not know what else to say. I am just puzzled. Okay, to avoid my post being put on hold for being too succinct, I will add a couple of naive thoughts ...

значения выбор-слова этимология  
user avatar asked by Mitsuko Score of 27
user avatar answered by Frank from Frankfurt Score of 56

Why does "охуенно" mean "great" but "хуёвый" mean "bad"

I came across some words chatting with my friend (he's a native speaker). What's the difference between пиздато, охуенно, хуёво and пиздец? The first two words have a positive meaning but хуёво and ...

перевод значения мат  
user avatar asked by saq_423 Score of 73
user avatar answered by shabunc Score of 51

Why do some Russian words look similar to English ones?

When studying Russian, I often encounter words that seem like they are coming from English. However, that is purely a superficial impression because the words are Latin or Greek. практиковать - ...

user avatar asked by Sam Score of 7
user avatar answered by Quassnoi Score of 18

Правильное сокращение «байт» и «бит»

Как правильно сокращать слово «байт»? В английском языке, обычно принято использовать заглавную букву «Б» для «байт», и строчную букву «б» для «бит». По-русски будет по-другому? Например, почему ...

существительные информатика  
user avatar asked by cnst Score of 3
user avatar answered by Artemix Score of 6
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