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Top new questions this week:

How you say 'afterthought' in Russian?

example I: Then I remembered, almost as an afterthought, to add clove and cinnamon. (edited) example II. The vice presidential candidate tends to be a bit of an afterthought. google translates ...

asked by emil 7 votes
answered by Nikolay Ershov 4 votes

How prevalent is the sound /ʑ:/ in Russian?

The sound /ʑ:/ is known as the voiced alveolo-palatal sibilant fricative and, roughly speaking, is the average of /z/ as in zebra and /ʒ/ as in vision. Russian speakers can understand /ʑ:/ as the ...

произношение фонетика  
asked by Mitsuko 4 votes
answered by shabunc 10 votes

Порядок слов с дательным падежом (прямое дополнение / косвенное дополнение)

В русском языке, как правило, косвенное дополнение (в дательном падеже) предшествует прямое дополнение, например, в следующем предложении: Я подарила брату чемодан. Если меняешь стандартный порядок ...

дательный-падеж синтаксис  
asked by sarahrahrah 2 votes
answered by Ainar-G 1 vote

In "Сокровища кровавого Рокама": what is the case and number of "сокровища"?

Tintin's adventure "Le Trésor de Rackham le Rouge" has been translated into Russian as "Сокровища кровавого Рокама". I don't understand the syntax of "Сокровища" here: "treasure" is translated in ...

asked by Georges Elencwajg 2 votes
answered by Yellow Sky 8 votes

What is the 12th Russian exception verb?

There is a well-known poem that lists eleven Russian exception verbs: Гнать, дышать, держать, зависеть, Видеть, слышать и обидеть, А еще терпеть, вертеть, Ненавидеть и смотреть. ...

глаголы мат спряжение  
asked by Mitsuko 2 votes
answered by Quassnoi 7 votes

Запятая в предложении с деепричастным оборотом

Имеем перевод с отсутсвующим исходным текстом: Мы вознаграждаем авторов вопросов пересчитав репутацию! Какой смысл имеет это предложение? Говорит ли оно только текущем моменте или о любом ...

asked by contributorpw 1 vote

Pronunciation of ж

According to my good old Russian learning textbooks, the sound ж in Russian is retroflex (/ʐ/), that is to say it should be pronounced with the tip of the tongue pushed against the palate. Now, in my ...

asked by Stéven Morand 1 vote
answered by Matt 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to say 'LOL' in russian?

How do I say 'LOL' in russian?

asked by madone 7 votes
answered by Schullz 14 votes

How to say "is going" in Russian in "this game is going to perish"

My question is not a duplicate of the existing question about translating "to be going to" to Russian, because the solutions suggested there (собираться, хотеть, etc.) do not seem to work in my case. ...

asked by Mitsuko 6 votes
answered by tum_ 4 votes

"Отведать тунца" - what does this idiom mean?

I frequently play gomokunarabe, a Japanese strategy game, on an international server and sometimes face Russians as opponents, as a variant of this game is apparently popular in Russia and known as ...

значения выражения идиомы  
asked by Mitsuko 10 votes
answered by Neith 17 votes

How to properly translate the key phrase of Erdoğan's 2016 letter to Putin, "kusura bakmasınlar," to Russian

My question is this: What is the proper or most usual/standard way to translate the Turkish common phrase "kusura bakmasınlar" to Russian? Let me now explain why I got interested as well as the ...

asked by Mitsuko 6 votes
answered by Yellow Sky 6 votes

What are these Russian characters that aren't in the alphabet in my learning material?

I have this comic book in Russian that uses characters I don't know from my Russian learning materials. Please see my image. There are: small m и with line on top g mirrored s Which 'standard' ...

буквы алфавит typography  
asked by walter 25 votes
answered by Баян Купи-ка 40 votes

Запятая после «также»

Нужна ли запятая после «также» в этих случаях: Также ? в сегодняшнем выпуске мы обсудим следующие темы: <...> Мы обсудим все ? что касается политики, а также ? следующие темы: <...>

asked by user1306322 8 votes
answered by Aleks G 11 votes

Difference in pronunciation between "щ" and "шь"?

I understand that the difference between "щ" and "ш" is (roughly) the difference between "shya-" and "sha-". But how do you differentiate "щ" and "шь"? For example, I always differentiated, for ...

asked by chubbycantorset 16 votes
answered by Yellow Sky 18 votes
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