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Top new questions this week:

Is the instrumental case used for comparatives?

I'm watching the 1987 James Bond movie, The Living Daylights, with Russian subtitles. In the scene where Bond first spots the main female character, he says, in English: "Sniper. Two floors up, ...

user avatar asked by olejhar Score of 5
user avatar answered by Quassnoi Score of 6

Can the verb "прозябать" actually be perfectivized?

I recently came across the verb прозябать in a book. Its meaning is one of eking out an existence in the sense of enduring hardship and suffering instead of truly living. This, to me, is an ongoing ...

глаголы вид verb-aspects  
user avatar asked by CocoPop Score of 2
user avatar answered by Quassnoi Score of 2

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why do Russians call their women expensive ("дорогая")?

My question is in the title of this post, and I do not know what else to say. I am just puzzled. Okay, to avoid my post being put on hold for being too succinct, I will add a couple of naive thoughts ...

значения выбор-слова этимология  
user avatar asked by Mitsuko Score of 27
user avatar answered by Frank from Frankfurt Score of 59

In Russian, do vehicles walk? And can one walk across the city using the bus?

It's commonly taught that the difference between ходить/идти and ездить/ехать (and between their prefixed derivations) is that the former connotes movement by foot and the latter connotes movement ...

user avatar asked by Chill2Macht Score of 29
user avatar answered by sr9yar Score of 28

What does "короче" mean?

My tandem-partner says короче. I asked her to tell me the meaning, but she refused to teach me 'bad Russian' (I don't know if she was kidding, though). I've seen короче in Lingvo but that source ...

user avatar asked by c.p. Score of 15
user avatar answered by Shady_arc Score of 26

What do ")" or multiple ")))" mean in an internet conversation?

I sometimes see Russian people add some ) to the end of sentences, and sometimes even many of them: )))). I recently read: In Russian: ))))))) is a loud laugh So I wonder what it means when there's ...

словоупотребление сленг it  
user avatar asked by fedorqui Score of 13
user avatar answered by KCd Score of 7

Правильное сокращение «байт» и «бит»

Как правильно сокращать слово «байт»? В английском языке, обычно принято использовать заглавную букву «Б» для «байт», и строчную букву «б» для «бит». По-русски будет по-другому? Например, почему ...

существительные информатика  
user avatar asked by cnst Score of 3
user avatar answered by Artemix Score of 6

What Russian letter is this?

Is the 4th letter a valid russian character? When I copy the above word it is automatically converted to "сведения".

алфавит буквы typography  
user avatar asked by swayamraina Score of 28
user avatar answered by Dmitry Grigoryev Score of 41

ахуеть and охуеть - which is used, and what is the precise meaning?

I came across the (obscene) verb ахуеть chatting (instant messaging, to be precise) with a native speaker (context: soccer game). A bit of research on the Russian Wiktionary seems to show that this ...

правописание перевод мат  
user avatar asked by codesparkle Score of 33
user avatar answered by Armen Tsirunyan Score of 36
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