What is an alternative way to say 'тотчас же?' Maybe it is not really in use anymore, but it keeps popping up in Russian literature I'm reading, and it's a bit hard to get out sometimes. What is a more modern way to say 'at once/immediately'? Сразу?

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    тут же is what u need
    – Anixx
    Sep 17, 2015 at 7:25

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That expression is mainly used in literature; probably "тут же" is its closest version in everyday speech. While it literally means 'right here' it marks the immediate point in both space and time. Other expressions for specific cases of action include: "сразу же", "сходу", "не мешкая", "не долго думая", "спешно", "в ту же минуту", "через мгновение"и т. п.


You can also say "сейчас же", "немедленно", "в мгновение ока", and, as you suggested, "сразу [же]".

The difference between "тотчас" and, say, "сейчас", is that "тотчас" refers to "тот" "час", that is, "that hour" ("that time"), where as "сейчас" refers to "сей час", or "this hour" ("this time").


Не заглядывая в словари, могу сказать, что тотчас же это абсолютно книжное выражение и в разговорной речи практически не употребляется. В разговорной речи употребляются чаще всего такие "аналоги" этого выражения, как сейчас жеи сразу же.

Not looking in dictionaries, I can say that тотчас же this brand book expression in colloquial speech is not used practically. In colloquial speech used most often such "analogues" of this expression, сейчас же and сразу же.

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