I am aware that one way to express 'as much [X] as' between one quantity and another is by 'столько, сколько..."

For example: "В течение недели пес сожрал столько же, сколько в полтора последних голодных месяца на улице." (In the course of a week, the dog devoured as much [food] as in his last, hungry month-and-a-half on the street.)

What are some other ways to express this comparison?

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Perhaps in some cases you can use "так же, как и", for instance:

I was as much scared as intrigued.
Я был так же напуган, как и заинтригован. = Я был настолько же напуган, насколько заинтригован.

In some contexts, the construct "и ..., и ... в равной мере" could be used (with variations like "в равной мере и ..., и ...")

That depends on the context, of course.

  • Also "столь же".
    – alamar
    Sep 28, 2015 at 10:30

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