I am struggling with a pronunciation of a date (birthday). The very end. So if I would like to pronounce "16-oг". Would the following be correct:


I am struggling a little with how to transform the -oг into a correct termination and pronunciation. Would appreciate some input. I have struggled with this part during longer period of time.

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    Russian transcriptions should be written either with IPA etc., or with cyrillics. Not with "-eva" or other English words.
    – user31264
    Oct 3, 2015 at 21:47

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I think you meant "16-го" (not "16-ог").

The pronunciation of the last two syllables is


(both letters 'о' are without emphasis, but the second of them is even less stressed, more "lost", so to speak) and the entire word is something like


Note that the first 'т' is omitted in the pronunciation and the 'д' before 'ц' becomes non-vocal, 'т', which BTW, almost disappears (sorry, I'm not good at writing in IPA).

Because the ending of the word in genitive case loses its soft sign, the sound 'т' is hard (compared to the cardinal number 16, for instance). The nominative case of the ordinal number ("шестнадцатое") also has the hard 'т' in the postfix.

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