About the sentence: "Я живy с семьёй." --> Phonetic: [Yah zhivu s sem'yoy.]

When pronouncing the "independent c". Would you pronounce both the "s:es" in one go or would you make a short pause before pronouncing "sem'yoy"?


No, it usually goes like "double S". Actually, you may/should even omit a pause after "живу", and say "SS" by using the exhalation of "У".


You would pronounce them in one go. Think of give us some.


Note also that in this case, you've got two phonemically different consonants; the first [s] is hard and the second one is soft ([sʲ]). Some people assimilate, though, making them both soft; it's subject to free variation.

Russian generally doesn't do pauses. The only Russian word that contains a "pause" of sorts (glottal stop) is the colloquial не-а "nope".


No pause, just make it doubled, as it is. Pronounce it as if imitating a snake's hissing.

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