I am curious when it is approprite to use the expression: "всё в порядке" ?

Could I use it if someone ask me: "как дела"? or could I use the expression in other situations like if someone asks me how the progress is in a projekt (work related issues)?

Do you use this sentence and how?

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Question (about status in some specific area):
— Как (у тебя) дела в школе / на работе/ на личном фронте/ с проектом ХХ?
— Все в порядке.

Question (general):
— Как (у тебя) дела?

  • very good:
    — Хорошо! / Замечательно!/ Отлично! / В шоколаде (colloquial)
  • OK:
    — Хорошо. / Нормально.
  • not good:
    — Хорошо… / Как сажа бела́ (colloquial)
  • joke instead of answer:
    — Как у зебры. / Не дождетесь! / Пока не родила́ (only female, not necessary pregnant)
  • And not only female ;)
    – Roman
    Oct 19, 2015 at 19:33

The answer "всё в порядке" is usually given in response to an inquiry about the status of things (project, activity, whatnot), especially if the question is expressed with some concern about the success.

In response to "как дела?" one would usually say "спасибо, ничего" or any variation of "хорошо", for example, "замечательно" or even "лучше всех". That is, unless one really wants to share the troubles and talk about a possible solution to them.

  • 1
    response to an inquiry about the status of things - also quite often it precisely stands for such an inquiry: "Всё в порядке?"
    – Matt
    Oct 7, 2015 at 12:38

"Всё в порядке?" usually asks when you think something wrong with another human.
(meet a man lying on the ground) Всё в порядке? Может, вызвать скорую? (Are you all right? Maybe call an ambulance?)

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