I have compiled an example. With it be correct to assume that a noun with 0-ending would end up with the following syntax?

N: старый ламп

A: старый ламп

G: старого ламп

D: старому ламп

I: старым ламп

P: старом ламп

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  • Лампа is a feminine noun with a very much non-zero ending.

  • It's more conventional, in Russian, to list accusative between dative and instrumental.

  • An actual zero-ending noun (like журнал, which you used in your previous question) would be declined on its own quite independently of the adjective: старый журнал, старого журнала, старому журналу, etc. The adjective, on the other hand, inherits the noun's animacy category, and adjusts its accusative form accordingly.

  • You are correct that the order is different to what listed, In my region they tend to do it in a different order where I got a little confused. Sorry about that. Thanks for the clarification. Большóе спасибо.
    – Ana
    Oct 14, 2015 at 7:05

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