Maybe this is will be difficult because of how applicable and general slang words like 'nonsense' can be, but how do the words which are roughly translated as 'nonsense' differ from one another?

The most notable ones in my view appear to be: чепуха, ерунда, чушь, вздор, мура, ахинея. Certainly feel free to mention any which I might have missed.

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чепуха is plain nonsense

ерунда has a hint of unimportance

чушь has a hint of upset or disagreement

вздор is bookish

мура is slang

ахинея is mental


бред is delirious

нелепость is out of place

абсурд is absurd

бессмыслица doesn't make sense

белиберда is colloquial

галиматья is close to crazy (?)

And a few modern slang ones, in order of obscenity:

хрень, херня, хуйня


I would favor бред or фигня in most cases though certainly not in more formal settings, where I'd go with ерунда. These others I learned once but rarely hear. Consider usage according to Google trends. Note that searches for Brad Pitt are mixed in there so could be biased.

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