I am trying to figure out the word: "овощ", in genitive pl. and nominative pl., I have tried various other sources but the answers comes back as "Word not found" or something else that is not applicable. Can you please help?

Большое спасибо,

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    There's no such word. Could be "овощ", or "общ[ий]", "общ[ество]", or just anything else. – Matt Nov 7 '15 at 17:59
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    Neither "обощ", nor "обощи". I really can't guess what you mean. Maybe "обочь" (on the side; cf. "обочина" = "roadside"). Please, provide any relevant context. – Matt Nov 7 '15 at 18:25

There well and truly is no such word. I'm guessing it's a misspelling (more of a typo or transliteration accident, really) of овощ, which has nom. pl. óвощи and gen. pl. овощéй.

UPD. Oh! Dahl's dictionary actually does list обощ it as a southern dialectal form of овощ. The endings would be the same (standardly, anyway; the respective dialect might have been sufficiently Ukrainian-leaning to go for обощов or обощев), and with the lot of dialectal levelling-out in the 20th century there's a high chance the form is extinct by now, or else surviving in a handful of villages.

  • Большое спасибо! – Дженни Nov 7 '15 at 19:19

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