скоро means quickly, and скорее is the comparative form of скоро.

But what is the difference between скорее and поскорее? Don't they both fundamentally mean quicker? Or are they not interchangeable?


1) постарайтесь увидеть этот фильм скорее.

2) постарайтесь увидеть этот фильм поскорее.

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    I would say "Постарайтесь посмотреть этот фильм поскорее".
    – Dmitriy
    Dec 17, 2015 at 17:54

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First of all, "скорее" may also mean "rather", which is not the case for "поскорее".

Next, when both actually mean "quicker", they are synonyms, yet поскорее sounds more natural if used alone, while скорее is usually better if used in a "full" comparative construction (i.e. "quicker than smth."). That is in your example sentence, I would certainly choose поскорее.


I believe that these words are synonyms in the most cases, but in your example the second option IMO looks more Russian.

Maybe it's because Поскорее means something like the earlier the better and not just quicker.

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