Unfortunately i will keep asking these kind of questions here on stackexchange. Please tell me which verb group on question title the verb to ask in English? And why translator gives same result which is the verb to ask in English for both of them? Please explain with some examples in two languages English and Russian. Thanks in advance.

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If you are asking something (and expect something to be said in response), you use спросить:

Спроси его, как пройти в библиотеку // Ask him which way the library is.

If you are asking for something (and expect something is done or given to you), you use попросить:

Попроси его открыть тебе дверь // Ask him to open the door for you.

Попроси у него машину // Ask him for his car.


Спросить - means that you expect ONLY verbal answer. Спроси его который час? (Ask him what time is it now?)

Попросить - means that you expect someone to do some action for you or you want to get a "physical" thing from someone. Попроси его позвонить Кэт. (Ask him to call Kat) Попроси у него ручку. (Ask him a pen)


просить - is an action, it is adressed to some person to get something from, or do something to you, or somebody; it's similar to 'beg', beggin' a pardon спросить - is about making any question, this is actually a verb 'to ask', when you trying to get some information you do this: спрашиваешь.

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