Is it simply чувствовать ненависть?

In a sentence like Он не чувствовал ненависти к своим врагам, what is the case of ненависти? I can rule out nominative plural and prepositional singular, but that leaves genitive singular, dative singular, and accusative plural. I want to make sure I'm thinking of ненависть in the Russian way here (not just a translation of "hatred").

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Испытывать ненависть is probably the best choice in terms of style, but чувствовать is the go-to, catch-all term you're generally more likely to hear. Ощущать is another option but with ненависть, it somehow strikes me as unpleasantly wannabe-bookish. I could be wrong.

The case on ненависти is genitive singular; the reason for it is just the negative on the verb.

Ненависть is very much a translation of "hatred" — unless, conversely, I'm missing something uniquely English about the word; but I don't think I am. Both are the most generic term available in its respective language.


There is also the somewhat more flowery питать ненависть. Literally to "feed" or "nourish", here meaning "harbor".

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