I would need your constructive expert opinion on my IPA translations. This is a difficult topic so bare with me.

Желтéть ʐɛltʲetʲ

чернéет t͡ɕɪɾˈnʲeɛt

с детьми s ͡ ˈdʲetʲmɪ

Аквалáнг ɐkvɐˈlank

Жёлудь - Жора ˈʐolʊtʲ - ˈʐorə

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  • ʐᵻlˈtʲetʲ

  • t͡ɕɪrˈnʲeɪt — two things here: 1. /r/ is definitely a trill in this position; 2. AFAIK, most or all authorities would insist on [t͡ɕɪrˈnʲejɪt], but I daresay the [j] is a bit of an academic relic; no-one really ever articulates it.

  • z‿dʲɪtʲˈmʲi (it's got mobile stress)

  • the rest are OK.

P.S. It took some time to find, but this seems to be an automated Russian IPA transcriptor that works. (Sadly it seems to never stop asking for the math captcha.)

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