At the Russian wiki page for the "All Saint's Bridge", it says:

Представлял собой выдающееся архитектурное и инженерное сооружение, считался одним из чудес Москвы. Существовал, со значительными утратами, до 1853 года .

Google Translate gives the last sentence as "There, with considerable losses, up to 1853."

But what does that mean? Does it mean the bridge was destroyed in 1853? If so, I don't understand what the "со значительными утратами" is trying to say either.

  • it could be understood as that major parts of the bridge original structure were destroyed or lost, this seems to be a phrase from professional jargon of art historians, which is revealed by Google search for "со значительными утратами" Commented Oct 8, 2016 at 8:25

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It means that the bridge existed until 1853, although it had lost some major parts (probably it was damaged, or simply decayed) even before that.

This site claims that the bridge was intentionally destroyed in 1859 due to its bad condition.


'со значительными утратами, до': 'with substantial damage, up to'

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