Can someone provide good explanation about word - "так"? For example what does word "так" means in "Меня так не заовут", or "Вот так", or "Так вот". Maybe someone knows good article or something about word "так".


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Roughly speaking it's translated as so (as it is mentioned in other answer here) or this/that way:

  • Со мной никто так не будет обращаться - Nobody will treat me that way.
  • [нужно делать] вот так! - [one should do it] this way!
  • Так вот надо использовать топор - Here's how it is supposed to use an axe.
  • Вот так я стал моряком - this is how I became a sailor.

i'm sure there's translation of the word in the Ru-En dictionary, one of which is so

Меня так не зoвут - They don't call me so

Вот так - Like so

Так вот - So

  • In English we would not say " They don't call me so". Translation websites offer these alternate versions, which don't look too bad: "That is not my name." "I am not called that."
    – Sam
    Mar 5, 2022 at 14:38

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