Friends, help me out please. I'm doing a translation and can't find the best and most-correct Russian equivalents for a few terms:

  • Layered hairstyle
  • Choppy hairstyle
  • Hair band
  • Hair accessories
  • Funky look
  • Messy look
  • Messy hair
  • Crop hair
  • Rough look
  • To carry a haircut
  • To carry a bang on one side or both sides of the head
  • Side swept bang
  • Straitened hair
  • Trendy look
  • To adopt a side-bang to a hairstyle
  • Hairstyle texture
  • Tones of blond
  • Razor-cut hairstyles.
  • Hairstyle up-do
  • New hairstyle styles and features.
  • Cranky look

And I can't understand the difference between "bang" and "bangs". it seems that in Russian it's all "чёлка". But in English they say for instance: a hairstyle with a side-bang or a haircut with short bangs.

Difference between a 'light blond tone' and 'light shade of blond'?

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Hair band

Soft band that you can use to tie long hair into ponytail is "резинка для волос". Google Picture also shows hard bow-shaped thing which can be put vertically around your head. This thing is "ободок".

Messy hair

A person having messy hair is "лохматый"/"лохматая" (adj.). "лохматые волосы" also work. Also does (but worse) "лохматая причёска". A literal translation is "лохмы" but it is much rarely used than "лохматый" and sounds more negative ("лохмы" can never be stylish, while "лохматые волосы" can be).

Crop hair

Less formally it's "причёска/стрижка под мальчика". For hairdressers it's probably "гарсон".

To carry a haircut

Literal "носить стрижку" works here pretty good. "у него/у меня/ у неё <some characteristic> стрижка" also works.

Straitened hair

Выпрямленные волосы.

Hairstyle up-do

Высокая причёска

Regarding these ones I am less confident:

Layered hairstyle

Google says this hairstyle is known as "каскад" in Russian but you better recheck it.

Hair accessories

"Аксессуары для волос" look fine for me. Also it feels like someone can find something better.

Hairstyle texture

"Текстура причёски" sounds fine for me. Although there maybe more professional translation.

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Layered hairstyle - "слои", in professional terminology. For the clients you can say "текстурированная стрижка", the same as choppy hairstyle - "подвижная текстура волос".

  • Funky look - молодёжный/ стильный/ эксцентричный/ утрированный стиль одежды.
  • Messy look, messy hair - прибрежный стиль.
  • Crop hair - на висках и затылке градация с нуля и слои в теменной зоне, in professional terminology. "Стрижка под мальчика" in very simple words.
  • Rough look - очень мужественный вид.
  • To carry a haircut - носить стрижку.
  • To carry a bang on one... - носить чёлку на одну или обе стороны.
  • Sideswept bang - универсальная чёлка/ чёлка на обе стороны.
  • Trandy look - модный образ.
  • To adopt a side bang... - вписать чёлку в прическу/ адаптировать боковую чёлку к прическе.
  • Tones of blond - оттенки/цвета блонда, literally blond translates as светлый, but we (both hairdressers and client) don't use this word, we use blond=блонд, блондинка - girl with light hair.
  • Razor cut hairstyles - Стрижка бритвой.
  • Up do - высокая прическа.
  • New hairstyle styles - новые тенденции в стрижка, features - элементы in haircuts.
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    "Messy look, messy hair - прибрежный стиль" - вы имели в виду "небрежный"?
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