How do you translate a sentence like: "Everything here has a lot of sugar" when talking about a food product containing some ingredient. I assume "Здесь у всего много сахара" makes no sense and there is a separate syntax for saying "has" in a case like this where the subject in question contains the object.

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Literal translation doesn't always yield proper usage.

здесь во всём много сахара

I believe you could use содержит - a literal translation of contains:

Здесь все содержит много сахара.

  • Theoretically, yes, but I find it somewhat hard to imagine anyone using содержит in a real-world conversation. At least if sugar is the substance in question, rather than something with a sciencey name. Feb 27, 2017 at 8:51

It can also be translated as: "Во всём этом содержится много сахара"


If about country in common or if you're surrounded by shelves in a supermarket:

Здесь/тут везде всё с сахаром.

If you're holding a bun or a cookie you can say:

Здесь/тут слишком много сахара.

or as mentioned above:

Здесь все содержит много сахара.

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