The phrase is: "Часто днём бегу в спортзал или в бассейн".

If the author wants to emphasize on the action rather than where he does the action, he uses the places in nominative? I would expect from what I learned something similar to Я часто бегу в спортзале или в бассейне.

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    It is clearer with a feminine noun: они живут в Москве = they live in Moscow, он хочет ехать в Москву = he wants to go to Moscow.
    – KCd
    Mar 18, 2017 at 3:11

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To describe location where the action is performed, i.e. to answer the question Где? (Where?), you need a construction "в/на + noun in prepositional case".

Я бегаю в спортзале. Он плавает в бассейне. Я гуляю на улице. Птица сидит на дереве.

I run at the gym. He swims at the swimming pool. I walk in the street. A bird sits on the tree.

And if you want to describe direction of an action, i.e. to answer the question Куда? (Where to?), you need a construction "в/на + noun in accusative case".

Я иду в спортзал. Он бежит в бассейн. Я выхожу на улицу. Кошка лезет на дерево.

I am going to the gym. He is running to the swimming pool. I go out into the street. A cat is climbing the tree.

Your example belongs to the second type (direction), that's why the nouns are in accusative (which is equal to nominative for these exact words).


The phrase Часто днём бегу в спортзал или в бассейн means a transition (translative) state emphasising the direction whereto a speaker is headed.

The phrase Часто днём бегу (better: бегаю) в спортзале или в бассейне means the location where the action of running is taking place.

The issue itself deals with three non-explicit categories of translativity, existential state and evidentiality/non-evidentiality, which I have explained in a response to your other question.

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