Is the sentence "А чему она должна научиться?" correct? (Should be "and what must she learn?")

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Yes, this looks correct, meaning can be understood from English translation you provided pretty acurately. This can be used as a response to something like:

– Она пошла в школу с углублённым изучением английского языка.

– А чему она должна [там] научиться?

– Не только грамматике, но и разговорной речи.

Which is:

– She enrolled to school majoring in English.

– And what will she learn [there]?

– Not only grammar, but also speaking.


– Она не сможет работать, пока не пройдёт обучение.

– А чему она должна научиться?


– She won't be able to work before she undergoes training.

– And what must she learn?


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