I'm reading Tolstoy's Исповедь, and in the second chapter it says:

Двадцати шести лет я приехал после войны в Петербург и сошелся с писателями.

Did he live together with other writers? What is the infinitive form of that word?

  • he made some friends among writers
    – shabunc
    Commented Apr 7, 2017 at 9:44

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No, he didn't live with other writers. This is a pretty old-style text. In this context сошелся means just met (встретился / познакомился / подружился).
The infinive form of сошелся is сойтись.


to meet - встретить, познакомиться, сойтись

In this context, сошелся means that he met writers and started having some kind of relationships, communicating and meeting up with them, you can even say that he started becoming a friend to them and so forth.


I'd say got together is appropriate. Or connected with perhaps.

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