When I type Pushkin into google translate, it returns "Пушкин". On the other hand, when I look at english wikipedia, it says "Пу́шкин". Russian wikipedia also has "Пу́шкин".

Which should be used in an English publication? Should the APA-LC be Pushkin or Pу́shkin?

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That dash above the у́ is called "stress accent". Wikipedia marks stress accent in the names of its articles. Such stress accents are not written in most of the Russian texts, they are used mostly in encyclopedias, dictionaries, Russian textbooks ans sometimes in books for children. The stress on y means that it is this vowel sound which is the loudest and longest in the word, in Russian you pronounce Пушкин as POOSH-kin. Again, in usual texts those stress accents are not used. Note that later in the Russian Wikipedia article no stress accent is put. In English the standart spelling of that surname is Pushkin.

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    Only cases where they are used in text is when it meant to distinguish meaning of homomorphic words, e.g. чудно́ vs чудно (stress on first sillabe), to prevent improper stress in well-known words with unusual stress, or to emphasize differences, e.g. between union что and pronoun что.
    – Swift
    Commented Apr 22, 2017 at 4:27

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