My curiosity I have started learning Russian. While i read some articles they specified same meaning for different word. Can any one clarify my doubt and guide me in right path?

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Мои, моя, мой - are just conjugation of Мое; they are plural, feminine, masculine respectively. A full table of those conjugations you can see wiktionary, мой

It is one of the possessive pronouns - мой, твой, свой, ваш, наш, его, её, их
It just has to be memorized and having a small card where they are written helps. enter image description here

(source of the picture, as I found it, is one of pinterest, but I can't link to it, because I need to have account there, which I do not, and the link will be useless for not pinterest users)

Дом - is just a construction, house
Дома - mean at home, or plural form of Дом. The difference is in context and emphasis.

  • Дóма - at home
  • Домá - homes

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