I'm trying to figure out how numerals agree with adjectives and nouns... @_@ I've found this sentence: Я нашла тридцать шесть старые газеты I'm not sure it is correct... Shouldn't it be: Я нашла тридцать шесть старых газет?

старые газеты is in accusative case... I know that газета is an inanimate noun, but shouldn't numerals from пять up be followed by nouns and adjectives in genitive plural case? Or do I still have to observe the difference between animate/inanimate nouns?

Sorry for my terrible explanation (probably dued to my poor english)... still, I hope someone can help me clearing this doubt! Thanks in advance for your attention! :)


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You understand everything correctly. The first sentence is incorrect.(Я нашла тридцать шесть #старые газеты#).

Я нашла старые газеты.

Here we observe the rule of the accusative for inanimate nouns. But when you say

Я нашла тридцать шесть старых газет.

It should be genitive plural because of "шесть".

Read more here.

Я вижу + numeral + noun - governed by what case?

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