In my book the meaning of как дела? is given as how are you?

Also the meaning of как у тебя дела? is given as how are you?

So which one should I use?

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    No much difference, the latter is just a bit more personal. Also keep in mind that in Russian both phrases are more about truly asking the question than in English, where "how are you?" is usually just a meaningless exchange of niceties.
    – Headcrab
    Commented Nov 9, 2017 at 8:17

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"Как дела?" can be roughly translated as "How are things?"

"Как у тебя дела?" -> "How are things with you?"

So one is just a shorter version of the other.

There is also the polite version: "Как у вас дела?". For more background on the тебя/вас distinction, see this question.


'как дела?' is more like a polite way to start a conversation, compare to:

how are you doing? fine, and you? i'm ok.

'как у тебя дела?' shows more interest in the actual state of things of a person you have a conversation with. The difference is subtle, yet I think it exists.


I believe "Как у тебя дела?" means "How are you doing?"

But "Как дела?" means "How are you"

It's a very small difference and I think most people only use "Как дела?" but it is good to know.

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