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What is the equivalent letters in the Latin alphabet and what is the first letter in the first first and in the surname in Cyrillic?

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    The first word is most probably not a surname, but "явился" - "(he) appeard". The whole would be "Yan appeared".
    – Abakan
    Feb 21, 2018 at 14:47
  • The letter Y - ī Graeca in Latin alphabet. But today "J" is very often used. cf. John, Jean, etc.
    – alexsms
    Feb 22, 2018 at 7:48

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As Alissa correctly said, the first letter in both words is Я, and the first name is Янъ (Yan). But the first word is "Явился". It is neither a first name nor a surname, it means "[there] came". The image is most likely a scan or a photo from a parish book in which the newborn children were recordered. Every such record begins with the name of the place and date. Then it's usually written, "There came {person's name and surname}, aged X, {profession}, and in the presence of {names of 2 witnesses} presented a newborn child, born on {date} from {mother's name}". The child was baptized and given the name {name}, god-parents being {names and surnames of a man and a woman}. This Act was signed by {the name of the parish administrator}. {the name and the signature of the priest who wrote this record}."

What I mean is your image has only the first name, the surname must follow the frirst name, that is, it is written to the right of the first name Янъ, and it is not in your image.

Once I translated such a record into English, on Linguistics StackExchange, have a look.


Looks like first letter of name and surname is "Я". There is no equivalent letter in Latin alphabet. It's usually transliterated as "Ya"

Name is most certainly Янъ (it's pre-reform spelling, would be Ян today). It's Russian version of name Jan.

Surname is more difficult. Looks like Яв...я What's in the middle I'm unsure.

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