I just want to say "I need to find it", or "The main thins is that you will find it" (for example, the key, the document, etc.). Now I am not sure which verb is more appropriate to the context that I showed. Google translate showed me both choices for the word find: найти & находить.

Мне нужно это найти.


Мне нужно это находить.


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When the verb is transitive you have to use a perfective form in positive sentences, like in

Мне нужно это найти.

As suggested by Баян Купи-ка in the comments imperfective form is also valid here when you talk about some stretched in time duty:

Мне нужно находить решения, приемлемые для всех - I [always] have to look for solutions, suitable for everyone.

In negative sentences you use imperfective verbs:

Мне не нужно этого находить [, чтобы принять правильное решение].

When the verb is intransitive you can use both perfective and imperfective forms in positive sentences:

Мне нужно идти. Мне нужно уйти. - I have to go (leave).

In negative sentences you use imprefective verbs:

Мне не нужно уходить.

Notice that perfective/imperfective aspect is often connected with "transitiveness", so sometimes you have only one option.

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    generally seems to be the rule of thumb but there's also context dependency, and with transitives in positive statements imperfective aspect is also valid, eg. Мне нужно сдавать/сдать зачёт, мне его нужно сдавать/сдать завтра, some verbs seem to respond better to one aspect than the other, like the said найти/находить Jun 24, 2018 at 12:40
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    @БаянКупи-ка, you're right. I've updated the answer.
    – AlexVB
    Jun 24, 2018 at 12:58

If you need to find it once, мне нужно это найти. Example: you lost your glasses and need to find them as soon as possible.

If you need to find it time after time, мне нужно это находить. Example: you have a pet who takes things and hides them in different places in your home. You need to find the lost thing each time it happens.

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