Anna... she's at it again (doing something / with something)?

Anna fait encore des siennes ?

We colloquially use these expressions in English and French when we catch someone (with a bit of a disobedient / mischievous / reckless streak) once again doing something you disapprove of.

Опять Анна?

Опять она?

I don't suppose this is sufficient as an equivalent, is it? How do you commonly express this "she's at it again, doing ...?" idea in Russian?

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Она опять в своём репертуаре.

Она опять / Опять она greater annoyance взялась за старое / за своё.

Она опять / Опять она взялась за .....


And there is also a saying/idiom:

опять двадцать пять


Yet another set of expressions is constructed with "снова". "[Он/она/они] снова [берутся] за старое", "[Он/она/они] снова за своё".

Both sets of expressions may be contracted in conversation: "(Ну) снова она!.."; "(Ну) опять она!.." -- implying she's "at it again".

Also, there exists a colloquial phrase (which you may encounter), the meaning of which I personally don't understand, it might just occur to be a conversational-space-filler: "Не опять, а снова" -- said in a quasi-ritual response to somebody saying "опять".

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