How can I say "API (application programming interface)" in Russian? Maybe there is some cut (except "АПИ") to make it easy to read in translation from English to Russian?

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    I always spell it as АПИ.
    – Dmitry
    Aug 2 '18 at 18:12
  • Orally you should totally use АПИ, not sure about writing. And note, that in Russian it will be read as a word, rather than as an acronym ([апи], not [а-пэ-и] and definitely not [эй-пи-ай] as in English)
    – Alissa
    Aug 3 '18 at 11:02

The fully spelled term is программный интерфейс приложения In colloquial speech one could use:

  • программный интерфейс, just a shorter form

  • интерфейс, if it's obvious from the context that this is not "графический интерфейс"

  • библиотека, as often an API is packaged into a library.


If you want to have some term for using for some official paperwork, like legal docs. technical docs other answers provided could be helpful. However in colloquial speech nobody never calls API anything else other then АПИ or (yeah, we like diminutives) апишечка.

So, in real life you'll hear not "Валерий, нам для этого нужен новый программный интерфейс" but rather "Валер, ну тут без того, чтобы новую апишечку запилить, не обойтись".

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    Agreed 100%! And for official papers it makes sense to not translate API at all, just keep it API.
    – Dmitry
    Aug 5 '18 at 11:40

Bing translate and Google translate says: Интерфейс программирования приложений For me this seems more correct. Also i googled Russian books about programming and find out that there is no standard agreement about this. For example, in


Набор базовых интерфейсов программирования приложений

Another book with Ы and without Ы

Интерфейс[ы] прикладного программирования

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    I agree, the Russian term must distinguish between a user (like in GUI, MUI) and a programmer doing some programming with its help (like in API), while a version like программный интерфейс sounds absolutely the same as интерфейс программы which is about any user.
    – Alex_ander
    Aug 4 '18 at 6:18

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