Both mean good but Хорошо is defined as the short neuter singular of хоро́ший.

AFAIK it is possible to use any of them when for example answering "Good!" or is there any practical difference?

  • Consider, for instance, "bad" and "badly".
    – shabunc
    Commented Mar 24, 2021 at 13:20
  • Хорошо means well, not good. It's an adverb. I have never heard a native speaker use Хороший as an answer. Always Хорошо.
    – Greg Gum
    Commented Mar 3, 2022 at 16:26

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When expressing general sense of goodness, satisfaction, delight, approval only хорошо is correct.

This is an adverb and not adjective, therefore short form doesn't apply to it as it's an attribute of adjectives. Хорошо in this case is the only form.

Adverbs denote in particular a state: темно, светло, холодно, тепло, жарко, ладно, жалко, страшно, видно, слышно, больно likewise хорошо and плохо

Short form of the adjective хорошийmasc is not хорошо but хорош. Хорошо is a short form of the adjective хорошееneut, but it's not the same as the adverb хорошо.


Например, хороший кофе! А когда выпил, то тебе хорошо

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