What is the purpose of всё in this sentence? Я всё ещё читаю этот роман


In this particular case "всё ещё" together mean "still". As in "I am still reading this novel."

Now, there is a catch: "я ещё читаю этот роман" also translates into "I am still reading this novel."

The difference is in the emphasis. "Ещё" on its own just means continuation of the action, the fact that it hasn't completed yet.

Combined "всё ещё" has an additional connotation of process taking longer than originally expected.

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  • Otherwise, еще can be mistaken for 'also': I'm also reading this novel (besides of doing something else) – ddbug Oct 7 '18 at 16:06
  • @ddbug This would be extremely rare and very informal. To the point where I have never heard any person structure a sentence this way with this specific sense in mind. If one wants to use "ещё" as "also" one would say something like "А я ещё читаю этот роман." or "Я ещё и этот роман читаю." – Heagon Oct 7 '18 at 16:19

всё ещё нареч. обстоят. времени До сих пор, пока что.

Все еше is an adverb of time which means "still" like еще, but with more emphasis (все). It shows that the action is still in process and the person has spent some time reading.

Я все еще читаю этот роман.(I am still reading this novel and I have been reading it for a long time

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