1). хотелось = мне хотелось / I wanted

2). хочу = я хочу купить что нибудь для тебя / I want to buy something for you

What is the difference between "хотелось" when used in the first scenario v.s. "хочу" on the second where they are both a conjugation of the "хотеть" verb or "to want" in English.

Even if the answer implies that with "мне" you always use "хотелось" and therefore "я" must be always accompanied by "хочу" when do you use "мне хотелось" with a comprehensible example please and when would "я хочу" be the best choice to use instead.

Also for these "хотеть" scenarios I'm wondering if this word even means "to want" or is it more "to like" since for "мне хотелось бы" is translated as "I would like" rather than "I would want".

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Мне хочется is for wishes you can't control:

  • Мне хочется спать. = I need a nap.
  • Хочется съесть чего-нибудь. = I want/need to eat something.
  • Что делать, когда хочется сладкого? = What to do when you're craving sugar?

Хочу is for your conscious wishes/decisions:

  • Хочу в Париж!

"хотелось" - means "I wanted it, but not so much to take any serious actions to achieve it (or had no way to achieve it)". And yes, you're right: it near "хотелось бы", but in the past tense.
"хотел" has a wider range of meanings. It may be synonymous with "хотелось" (using "Я" instead of "Мне"), but it may also mean a more real desire that you actually tried to fulfill.

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