In my last holiday I met a lot of Russian people and they taught me a couple of Russian sentences, but only the pronunciation. Afterwards I tried to figure out how they are written, but I failed for two of those sentences.

Amongst others they taught me some compliments which means something like You are very beautiful and You are a wonderful woman. With help of a dictionary I could wrote down

ты о́чень краси́вый.

but I guess that the inflexion is wrong. So, how is it spelled correctly? (It is, of course, directed towards a woman ;))

The other is a bit more complicated, I just can recreate:

ты __ де́вушка.

If I write down the missing word as I understood the pronunciation the word is something along "obaldjennaja". What is the missing word and how is it spelled?

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ты о́чень краси́вый.

That targets a male person. Saying that may make you sound gay in certain circumstances.

To target a girl, you must say:

ты о́чень краси́вая.

obaldjennaja -> Обалденная.

A girl that makes you обалдеть (go out of one's mind, lose one's wits; become dulled/crazed; be stunned)

This is very colloquial and almost always means you want some sort of relationship with that girl (unless it's your sister or a female friend with which you already have this level of informality).

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    I think it's a very correct answer. I'd add that the originally suggested You are a wonderful woman would actually required the word чудесная in Russian, which would sound more gentle than обалденная. The latter is more suitable for a night club.
    – texnic
    Commented Jun 16, 2012 at 14:05

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