I was given this sentence: Я делаю сюрприз (Im preparing a surprise) But i was also given удивление as when you pop out and yell surprise* What is the difference of usage between the two, i searched online but there was nothing there.

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    удивление - surpise in the sense you get 'something u not expect happens' (E.g. Surprise was on her face), сюрприз - surpise in the sense 'a unexpected gift' (as in 'we have a surpise for you). Hence confusion.
    – alexsms
    Dec 24, 2018 at 11:24

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These words are completely different and are not interchangeable.

Сюрприз - an unexpected event or piece of information.

Удивление - a state of being astonished, a feeling caused by something unexpected.

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