Путин: "США сами все нарушают, а их сателлиты аккуратно им подхрюкивают".

What should that exactly mean? Are NATO leaders compared here pejoratively to disciplined swines due to their agreements with US those (the agreements/acceptance) he wants to criticize as unlawful?

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    yes, this is a derogatory way typical of putin when speaking of the West (or anything he doesn't like) to say that the allies 'sing along with the US', commonly used synonyms of подхрюкивать are подгавкивать, подтявкивать (which refer to dogs) Feb 27 '19 at 11:03

In this case аккуратно means carefully. And подхрюкивать means that NATO leaders is yes-men

So here oink-oink of swines compared to yes-yes(agreements of Nato leaders with US)

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