Со стороны Верхнего озера главный вход в башню прикрывался отводной стрельней.

I have found the definition of стрельня:

Стрельня - башня в древнерусском крепостном зодчестве.

But what is отводная стрельня?

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It's possbible to find the word стрельница in dictionaries. It must be the same as стрельня. Such ARCHAIC words may have different variants, because they had been used by people quite before formalised texts and dictionaries were created. Отводная is derived from the word отвод (or отводить - direct or turn smth., change or tap smth.) - my guess is it implies that this fortification was at a slight distance from the main fortress (not part of the main structure, connected with it through a bridge, or wall, kind of a tapped auxiliary tower for protection). At least, most sources (sources on architecture, Russian Kremlin, etc.) imply that it is so. Some sources mention барбакан as something similar.


I guess it is the same as "отводная стрельница", which is just a barbican.

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