I just searched for phonetic of понял and found these:
по́нял [пон’ил]
поня́л [пан’ал]

Please let me know that both are correct? and have same meaning as Got it!?

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Поня́л is a stress pattern pertaining to speech of grammarless native speakers, very low register.

Sometimes it can be used jokingly, with tongue in cheek, in informal conversations as a curt question Поня́л? or as a curt answer Поня́л, in which case it's a mockery.


по́нял [пон’ил] is the only correct form use for either questioning and confirmation.

поня́л [пан’ал] is an informal form commonly used to question (the closest would be "do you get it?"). It's not so much of a mockery but pretty patronizing way which you wouldn't use with people you don't closely know as it has a condescending sounding to it.

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