Recently I heard this word in the half offending/joking form so can't really get what's that mean?

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Most common use of this word is to call computer guys - players (specifically) and sometimes - geeks, sysadmins, programmers etc.

It can be in offend form as well as joking, as you said in your question.

Second example but when it's not about computers - the word "nerd" I think most suitable and you definitely know what it means.

Also sometimes you just need to look on illustration to understand the sense even without explanation, here I attached some memes from Russian social media that represents how typically people perceive this word.

enter image description here


The meaning of "задрот" is more or less close to "wanker". "Дрочить" is a slang word for the verb "masturbate."

To put it simply, a "задрот" is a physically and intellectually weak no-lifer, a person who must have been excessively masturbating for years.

In gaming, "задрот" has a different meaning, which is perfectly described in Lurkmore:

Задрот — в соревновательных компьютерных играх синоним фаггота, индивидуум, страдающий ФГМ в самой запущенной стадии. Обычно очкастый подросток-переросток, тупо играющий в одну и ту же игру. Этот процесс называется задрачиванием. В процессе задрачивания задрот досконально изучает игру, все ее хитрые приёмы и баги, что позволяет задроту легко одерживать победу над нубами и пользователями, которые зашли просто поиграть.

To put this definition simply, a "задрот" is a gamer who excels in a particular game because of repetitively playing it too much in an unhealthy way. This process is figuratively compared to masturbation, and this is why such a gamer is called "задрот."


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