"Show" stands for "шоу" but I'm failing to find a precise term for "pre-show", should it be just "пре-шоу" or what?

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You can also use разогрев for something that happens before the main element of the show.


Пре-шоу, Предшоу or Развлекательная программа. Pre-show goes at a time when the audience takes places.

Also, Pre-show it is as like a trailer (трейлер, анонс) before watch a movie in cinema.


This is kind of awkward but for the lack (if any) of a better term

предварительное выступление
предварительный концерт
предваряющее выступление
предваряющий концерт

can be used


«Прешоу» would be understood by most young Russians, but the translation that Multitran gives is much wordier:

наружная предварительная развлекательная программа

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