What is the best way to translate these?

  • Тоже мне!
  • Тоже мне герой.
  • Тоже мне новость.



It's an expression that conveys not being impressed at the slightest. You're just saying that you're completely unimpressed by something or someone.

"So what?" "And?" "Big deal!" (with a really unimpressed intonation).

It basically says what in English is normally conveyed by simply saying "meh..."

"Such hero...", "Real hero here!", "Wow, what a man." (all very sarcastic).

"What a surprise!", "No way, really?" (sarcastically). Or simply "It's old news".

  • Nothing new! My ass!
  • "Hero", Way to be a hero, A fat lot of heroism you are!
  • Now there’s a surprise, You're about a century late, The Dutch have taken Holland!

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