I can't think of a good translation for алгоритмическое обеспечение. At first, I would have translated it as mathematical software, but this site https://studfile.net/preview/5443793/page:12/ states that алгоритмическое обеспечение is a component of математическое обеспечение (which I would also translate as mathematical software) along with программное обеспечение (I would translate this as software). It then goes on to say that программное обеспечение is made up of общее обеспечение (I would translate this as system software) and специальное обеспечение (which I would have translated as application software if it had not been for the fact that it breaks специальное обеспечение into общесистемное (I would translate this as general purpose software) and прикладное программоне обеспечение (I would translate this as application software). I realize there is not always a one-to-one translation for things; but that being said, I fail to see how алгоритмичекое обеспечение and математическое обеспечение are being differentiated. By the way, I provided the additional amplifying information (along with my translations) as I felt that it would help in trying to understand a good translation for алгоритмические обеспечение.

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    All depends on context. You need to understand why the original is using "алгоритмическое обеспечение" rather than more popular "программное обеспечение" and whether it matters.
    – Alexander
    Apr 14 '20 at 5:12
  • may be, you can use algorithms, algorythmic ware, or, may be, make neologism by analogy with "software" - "algoware":> May 17 '20 at 14:27
  • Alexander, and JMP : it matters. Algorithms (in this context) are just the logic of the process, written in flowcharts or in another way, and don't represent itself a software product created actually in machine commands (instructions CPU). F.e. : ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/… May 17 '20 at 14:33

As the original says,

Алгоритмическое обеспечение (АО) - это совокупность математических методов, моделей и алгоритмов, используемых в системе для решения задач и обработки информации.

By itself, обеспечение has a lot of meanings including provision, supply, backup, maintenance, service, support and many others (see e.g. this Multitran page).

I would probably go with Algorithmic tooling.


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