so I'm learning a few phrases in Russian and I came across this sentence, but I'm not sure of what it means, like the few online translators that I have tried tell me that is something like "Here you have it" or "Here's one for you", but as much as I try to understand the few examples that I've seen I just don't seem to get it. Can you guys help me?

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    Note that there are two forms of this saying. Literary - "Вот тебе и раз" and colloquial - "Вот те раз". A mix of those forms ("Вот тебе раз") is only rarely used.
    – Alexander
    May 21, 2020 at 18:59

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"Вот тебе и раз" they say when something rather unpleasant happens, but at the same time you remain calm

-Я сегодня поцарапал телефон

-Вот тебе и раз...

In english - something like that:

-I scratched my phone today

-Oh no (calmly, without emotion)

More examples of phrases to which you can respond "вот тебе и раз":

  • холодильник сломался
  • я не хочу идти с тобой в парк
  • погода испортилась
  • автобус поедет по другому маршруту
  • Thank you very much!
    – Klazzy
    May 21, 2020 at 17:21

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