I cannot seem to grasp the meaning of 'Гостям стол, коням столб', more specifically in the context of someone saying they have to hurry and leave.

Does it have anything to do with being welcomed and looked after really well by someone, as in literally they have shared with your their table and given you, and/or whoever might accompany you, what you need? And does anything similar exist in English, maybe?

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    These days I might translate it something like Dinner table to the guests, parking space for their cars. – DK. Aug 1 at 0:08

"Does it have anything to do with being welcomed" - it does have.

Anyhow, in a row of similar proverbs, nothing else is said. : "Хлебосольство ("Гость в дом, в доме Бог"; "Гостям стол, а коням столб", "Садись так гость будешь. Пришел - не стой: хозяина не томи") " https://cyberleninka.ru/article/n/formirovanie-etnicheskoy-identichnosti-v-protsesse-sotsializatsii-i-inkulturatsii/viewer

As for the someone who said and left, maybe he misunderstands this proverb. Or he takes himself for a horse ... A horse that has broken loose from the chain (by the leash). :)

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