For some reasons, I have difficulties with determining which part of speech is навстречу. For instance, something like that:

Она шла ему навстречу.

Adverb or preposition? And how do you usually determine it, e.g. how are pupils in school taught to do it? Thanks for help.

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When навстречу does not have a dependent word, it is an adverb

Навстречу шла она. Она шла навстречу

Whenever you have a dependent noun or a pronoun (кому?) in the dative or in older texts in the genitive, then it is a preposition, no matter where it stands.

Она шла ему навстречу. Она шла навстречу ему. Навстречу поезду мчалась машина. Машина мчалась поезду навстречу.

(Словарь Ожегова)


Adverb or preposition?

Она шла ему навстречу.

A preposition normally goes before a noun or pronoun (it is "pre-posed" to a noun or pronoun), so it's not a preposition in this sentence.

But what about a similar sentence?

Она шла навстречу ему.

Here it could be analysed as a preposition.

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