The capitalized forms would likely be indistinguishable and the lowercase forms are identical according to this resource (as noted on Pinterest). Naturally there must be an actual difference when a native speaker of cyrillic based languages jots them down. Can someone do exactly that and take a screenshot and provide a quick note/explanation?

enter image description here

Note: the appropriate tag for this is кириллица but that tag does not presently exist.

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    Always cross-check any reference ;) – shabunc Feb 17 at 0:06
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    Sorry, it took me a little while to process the question. "Shah is a monarch... who is <Schchah>?" But I got it in the end :) – Alexander Feb 17 at 1:10

This is an incorrect (and poor quality) picture. These letters look different in every script. Like this:

Ш ш

Щ щ

Ш ш

Щ щ


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