Is there a dictionary that lists the case that precedes, succeeds verbs? For example идти (accusative) - Я хочу идти в Россию; быть (past, instrumental) - Я был собакой.


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Russian dictionaries use question words such as кого-чего, кем-чем to indicate the grammatical case:

ГОРДИТЬСЯ кем-чем / (разг.) за кого.


The dictionary «Управление в русском языке» specifically addresses verb government.

The Russian Wiktionary lists cases for some verbs:

Участники ситуации, описываемой с помощью мешать:

  1. субъект (им. п.),
  2. объект (вин. п.),
  3. инструмент (твор. п.).


  • This. There's also "Толково-комбинаторный словарь" but it might be... taxing for non-native speakers.
    – Viridianus
    Jun 14, 2021 at 2:54

Rather than approaching it comprehensively, I wonder if you might just get familiar with the exceptions to the verb → accusative direct object correspondence, as a majority of verbs you encounter in the wild conform to this pattern.

This post is one such attempt to catalogue these exceptions.

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