From the proper noun Анатолий we can form the possessive adjective анатольев (like in the expression анатольевы стихиры), but from the proper noun Анатолия (i mean the girl's name, not turkish region) how can we form the possessive adjective ? Something like мама - мамин.

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I would say анатольин instead of анатолиин. The reason is that letter и tends to get replaced by a soft sign ь in possessive forms of nouns when it follows letter л, like you demonstrated in your question: анатолий - анатольев (not анатолиев). Therefore анатольин sounds more natural to me than анатолиин.

Also consider that patronymic name derived from Анатолий would be Анатольевич (masculine gender) or Анатольевна (feminine gender), again with the soft sign.


Marius, the possessive adjective from the female proper noun Анатолия is Анатолиин. As from the proper noun Мария — Мариин.

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