I received the following email response to a request I had made:

Здравствуй! Я тьютор тьюторской службы университета. Мы получили твою заявку на тьюториал, но, к сожалению, сейчас мы не проводим индивидуальные тьюториалы. Можем записать тебя на какой-нибудь день после 8 сентября?

It sounds quite friendly, yet formal/polite(грамотно написано). Please give me a possible reply to this email. I want to express that I'm ok with it, maintaining the style and tenor of this email.

I don't think

Отлично! Жду дату

matches their style.

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    "Formal" and "grammatically correct" are different things, but this text is neither of them. Being on the ты basis with a university student, using the word тьютор in a Russian text and omitting ли in the final question is not the style I would want to match. Your suggested response looks perfectly fine to me, is there any specific reason you don't like it?
    – Quassnoi
    Aug 25, 2022 at 20:13

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I like your response - in the context of their very poorly written email.

The style they are using is completely mauvais ton for a university on several points (so much so that I would hesitate to engage them), but I won't go into detail since that's not what your question is about. (Quassnoi mentioned most of the issues in his comment)

(This somewhat depends, however, on the request you sent prior to this — you mention this was a "response". They might be matching your style, but it's still unacceptable IMO. Also, I hope this isn't a machine translation of a communication in English - it does sound like one — that's how bad it is).

The reason I like your response is that it does match their (quite informal) style, yet avoids addressing them in the second person, where you'd have to choose ты (as they have) vs. вы (as it should be).

I would change it a bit, though. First, I would replace "отлично" with something like "это меня устраивает". This is because "отлично" is somewhat ambiguous: отлично what? That "сейчас мы не проводим" or "можем записать"?

Second, I would add "Жду конкретную (или более точную, etc.) дату".

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