This idiom means that children usually end up being similar to their parents. Are there any Russian versions of this that are not direct translations?

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The direct translation (яблоко от яблони недалеко падает) is very well-known, but there's also a humorous version that's less popular:

Яйца от курицы недалеко падают.
(The eggs don't fall far from the hen.)


There is a rhyming phrase "От осинки не родятся апельсинки" (оranges will not be born from aspen). The phrase is quite well-known, but in terms of frequency of use it is inferior to the mega-popular saying about the apple tree and apples.


In addition to the literal translation, there are many more variations on Matthew 7:16 in Dahl, for example:

Отец рыбак, и дети в воду смотрят - the father is a fisherman and the children look towards the water, too

От худого семени не жди племени - from bad seed, expect no yield.

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