Is Орлов stressed on the first or second syllable?

I checked online again and again but didn't arrive at any conclusive answer. Numerous sources state that the second syllable is stressed, but when I listen to their audio examples of their pronunciation, I'm confused.

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Most bearers of this name put the stress on the final syllable: Орло́в. This is in accordance with the etymology of the name, that is the possessive form of the noun орёл.

That said, some bearers of common names prefer to stress them differently than the rest. It might have to do with uncommon etymology, perceived euphony, or just a personal preference. Examples include Ива́нов, Кашки́н, Михалко́в (and his offspring) etc.

  • Some examples of surnames that defy the "etymological" stress: Жу́ков, Бы́ков, Толсто́й, Черны́х. Commented Feb 4 at 15:22

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